❤Cute Conversation Between Boy and Girl💋 Heart Touching Love Story Between BF and GF❤

By | 12th April 2020

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Cute Coversation between boy and girl
Cute Coversation between boy and girl

A Girl having chatting with her boyfriend

Girl : Can I aske u one thing??

Boy : Yes my Sweetheart

Girl : Why do u love me this much?

Boy : I dont know Why I love you this much but the thruth is that I really love u.

Girl : Even u dont know the reason that why u love me so much… so how can I trust on you?

Boy : Plz trust me I dont have any reason and i think no reason is need to love each other. anyway if you need proof then i am ready to prove you I Really Don’t Know da Reason, But if you want reason then I Can Prove u that i love you so much

Girl : no no no…. i dont want any proof. But in my college one guy asked me about u that what is the reason that u love me so much so i asked you…

Boy : ok my darling if you want to know the reason then there are lots of reason that I love you so much…

Because you are very pretty

Because you are my Queen

Because your eays very charming

Because you are my future wife

Because your voice is like honey

Because you are very caring

Because of you are my everything

These are the few reason because I love you.

Now lets asked you second Question….. Just kidding

Girl : No i dont want to ask you any single question. I didnt know that u love me this much.

Yes i want to become you future wife. I Love you So Much

Boy : I Love you

Cute conversation between boy and girl

Cute conversation between boy and girl in English

Cute conversation between boy and girl short love story

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