Top 5 Husband Wife Jokes In English

By | 14th April 2020

Husband and wife is great relation and also there are lots of jokes available. Here you will find very funny Husband Wife Jokes In English that you can share on whatsapp and other social media sharing. There are various categories available for Jokes on internet but one of the most hilarious categories in this world is the husband wife jokes

Husband Wife Jokes in English
Husband Wife Jokes in English

Very Funny Husband Wife Jokes in English

Police Officer: Why didn’t you report ur credit card which was stolen last week?
Husband: The thief was spending very less than compare to my wife so i didn’t come to you .
Police Officer : So why are you come to me and reporting it now?
Husband: I think my credit card is now in the hand of thief’s wife and she started using it 😜😜😁

Wife and Husband were travelling via bus. wife was angry because her husband stands too close to a college girl in bus, girl slaps him for pinching her.
Husband very afraid and told his wife that: I swear I didn’t .
Wife smile with angry look: I know, I did it.😁😁😁

Jokes Husband Wife Jokes In English

Funny letter from Husband to Government

Dear Government,
From next financial year Please consider Woman Shopping Bills as an Investment Proof.
Helpless Husband Association

Wife: Can U please help Me In to repair this pipe?
Husband: What Do U Think I Am…A plumber ?
Wife: Can U please fix The Door Handle ?
Husband: What Do You Think I Am… A Carpenter ?

In The Evening, When Husband Came From Work, He Saw Everything Has Been Fixed.
Husband: Who Did All These, you alone ?
Wife: Our Neighbour was here to help me but he has two conditions..Either I Should Give Him A pizza Or A Kiss.
Husband: I Am Sure U Must Have Given Him A Pizza.
Wife: What Do U Think I Am…….Dominos ?

Wife: (Suddenly middle of night) Omg, now I understand 🙂
Husband: What you understand?
Wife: You know, when things heat up, they started to expand.
Husband: I didn’t get you?
Wife: I am not Fat, I am just Hot!

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